Distribution assemblies

Enclosures for distribution assemblies

A wide range of empty enclosures to be assembled with industrial and domestic sockets for industrial, service and construction site applications. Based on a modular concept, they accept the SCAME series of inlets and socket outlets, also interlocked, and the relevant protections in the specific compartment.

MBOX Series
Distribution assemblies for construction site

DOMINO IP66 Series
Modular distribution assemblies

BLOCK Series
Compact distribution assemblies

Distribution assemblies with front and side sockets

GOMMA Series
Shockproof distribution assemblies

MEGA Series
Distribution assemblies on metallic structure fo contruction site sector

Distribution assemblies for construction site

KIOSK Series
Empty enclosures for pedestal distribution of energy in public areas
Technical Sheet: MBOX Series
Technical Sheet: BLOCK Series
Technical Sheet: DOMINO Series
Technical Sheet: ENERBOX Series
Technical Sheet: GOMMA Series
Technical Sheet: KIOSK Series
Technical Sheet: MEGA Series